Self Care With Cora Hilts

Self Care With Cora Hilts

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do!
My name is Cora Hilts and I am the co-founder and CEO of the sustainable living platform, Rêve En Vert.

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?
A coffee and taking our puppy Peggy for a walk…I try really hard to take a moment to wake up and be in nature before I get online for the day as I find it really sets me up well.

Can you share the inspiration behind starting Rêve En Vert and your vision for promoting sustainable brands?
I wanted to create a platform that would show you did not have to sacrifice style for ethics and feature all the incredible brands and companies that are addressing the climate, humanitarian and biodiversity crises we face in interesting, thoughtful and beautiful ways.

Are there any memorable collaborations or partnerships that have helped advance "Rêve En Vert's" mission and amplify its impact?
I would honestly say that every partnership has been memorable and amplifying because the sustainable movement is nothing without committed brands, individuals and entities that are working alongside you on the same mission.

You’ve recently moved from the UK to Maine, a place renowned for its natural beauty. How does your sustainable lifestyle align with the environment and values of the local community? Are there any particular practices or initiatives you've implemented in your personal life that you're passionate about?
It’s really been an incredible move for us to get to live more closely connected to nature and be proactive about a lot of the things I have been talking about for years - having our own garden, composting, spending more time outdoors, rewilding, etc. My husband and I have started our own organic vegetable garden inspired by conversations I’ve had with Charles Dowding and Leah Penniman, and watching everything grow and experiencing the amount of work that goes into a sustainable garden has given me such an incredible perspective on the importance of our farmers and the soil and I am very thankful for that! We are also rewilding the vast majority of the property - planting indigenous trees, reestablishing meadows and using cover crops where the land had been treated with pesticides. Seeing the resilience of nature to come back to life and be a thriving ecosystem again after just two years gives me a lot of hope and inspiration for Rêve En Vert!

We'd love to hear about your personal style. How do you incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe, and do you have any favorite pieces that you often reach for?
I truly would say the answer for me to your most sustainable wardrobe is that less is always more. I have really refined my closet to staple pieces that I love, have invested in, and are timeless. My go-to’s are always Mara Hoffman for style, Mate the Label for basics, and Shaina Mote and Christy Dawn for dressing up a bit.

You’re also the host of the REV On Air podcast! Can you share some memorable moments or conversations that have had a profound impact on your own sustainable lifestyle or understanding of the industry?
Oh gosh, there are so many! I truly feel very privileged to have been able to have so many incredible conversations through REV On Air but I would say two that really stick out to me was my very first with David de Rothschild who gave this amazing analogy of humanity being stuck in a box living within boxes and how it leads to apathy for anything outside of our boxes (think of our apartments, cars, gyms, lunch stops, malls, etc.) and how much we need to break out into the wild a bit. And then another one was a recent conversation with Jesse Smith at White Buffalo Land Trust who is an incredible force in the regenerative farming movement…I asked him about despair with so much bad news for our earth around climate and he said all of these problems we face as humanity actually give him hope because human innovation is most born out of crisis. I loved that.

What other self-care practices do you have that support you in feeling your best?
I find that the simple things are often the most effective - a long walk, a bath, a good book and my yoga practice. I have also taken up gardening since we moved to Maine and it’s my new favourite thing to do when I am overwhelmed or anxious…there is something very special about planting that brings a simple joy and satisfaction. Am trying to work my way through our gardens to bring them back to native species to help with biodiversity and climate resilience!

How do you end your day?
As it’s summer here in Maine I am often taking a cold water swim in the ocean, then pouring a glass of (organic!) wine and making dinner which is something I find so relaxing at the end of the day.