Self Care With Carolina Salazar

Self Care With Carolina Salazar

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do!
Hi! I'm Carolina, a holistic wellness and lifestyle content creator focused on empowering perfectionistic women to heal their relationship with food + their body, find more balance and more self-love. I create content on TT, IG and Youtube and also host a weekly podcast, Inner Growth.

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?
I am BIG on pouring into your own cup in the AM, so Before Life Happens, my non-negotiables are oral care, my 5-minute skincare + gua sha routine, 5-10 minutes of breathwork, some type of movement (usually strength training, running or pilates) and a yummy breakfast :)

We see that you’ve recently fallen in love with Running! Can you share your personal journey with running and how it has positively impacted your well-being?
Running is truly an amazing form of movement. I truly fell in love with running after signing up for a half marathon as a way to challenge myself and watch my growth as I trained for it. There's truly something magical about watching yourself build endurance, and push your own limits as you build your miles. I approached the training from a place of self-love so I avoided tracking my timing and focused on showing up and having fun! I love how I get to listen to my favorite music, get morning sunlight, have time to think, and channel creative ideas while I run!

Are there any scenic or iconic running routes in NYC that you can share?
I absolutely LOVE running in Prospect Park (Brooklyn), it's definitely my favorite place to run because there are some trails you can do that make you feel like you've left NYC and entered a magical forest. I also really like running on the West Side Highway!

Tell us more about your podcast, Inner Growth!
I started my podcast almost 2 years ago now, and it's been amazing to watch it evolve over time! I originally started it with the goal of demystifying modern spirituality and over time it's become more and more about how we can connect more deeply with ourselves. I love asking my guests about their own inner growth journeys and holding space for them to share openly about the life experiences that helped them grow and get to where they are. I also love diving into the topics of mental health, body image healing, food freedom, hormone healing, entrepreneurship, spiritual awakenings, and all things mindset.

NYC is known for its vibrant food scene. Are there any favorite healthy cafes or brunch spots in the city that you enjoy frequenting?
Oh yes -- NYC is the spot for foodies! My favorite brunch spots/cafés are Jack's Wife Freda (amazing brunch food, the Maya's Bowl is a must try), Matchaful (all things matcha + healthy bites), Butler (cutest vibes for a work day + delicious menu), Good Thanks (the best avocado toast + scrambled eggs in NYC) and Librae Bakery (insane rose + pistachio croissant).

Do you have a favorite workout class in NYC?
I am a big fan of Pilates and I love SLT especially because it's super targeted and effective (especially if you go consistently!). I also really love Corepower Yoga Sculpt for a good sweaty burn and Fierce Grace for hot yoga.

What other self-care practices do you have that support you in feeling your best?
Some incredible self-care practices that I love are breathwork (the Open app is so good!), mind dump journaling when I feel overwhelmed, taking time to keep my space clean and organized, meal prepping when it feels aligned, using herbs to enhance my wellbeing, and prioritizing quality sleep!

How do you end your day?
My ideal way to end the day is by watching a little bit of a show with my husband and then unwinding by drinking some Vanilla Dandelion tea, doing my skincare, and reading a good book in bed.