Self Care with Caley Vanular

Self Care with Caley Vanular

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do! 
I'm Caley Vanular, an athlete, photographer, and owner of FORAH. My journey in the world of athletics began at a young age, and it has evolved into a thriving career that encompasses my love for adventure, art, and entrepreneurship. My athletic endeavours in snowboarding and surfing have brought me to some of the most stunning landscapes worldwide like snowboarding down massive mountains or diving into the vast blue ocean or exploring a major city, I love pushing my limits and embracing the wildness of nature and different cultures. Alongside sports and travel, photography has always been a passion of mine. Capturing moments and telling stories through images captivates me. From showcasing nature's raw beauty to capturing the dynamic human moments, I aim to document the beautiful world the way I see it. I founded FORAH, a natural skincare and sunscreen brand as a way to combine all of my passions. The brand was born from the idea of harnessing the power of natural ingredients, withstanding the elements and sharing emotion through images.

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?
I start all my mornings with a movement of gratitude to my body. A light stretch and then when I am ready I get out of bed and drink two glasses of water. I put the kettle on, grind my beans and make a pour-over coffee. Once the coffee is ready I sit outside with the sunshine hitting my face and turn on music to sip my coffee and enjoy it before I really start my day.

What inspired you to create FORAH? Could you share the story behind the brand and how it aligns with your personal values and lifestyle?
FORAH is a raw, natural and powerful sunscreen & skincare brand born by vast mountains, rich temperate rainforests and expanses of rugged land bound by deep, sometimes unruly seas. It’s from these natural spaces that FORAH draws much of its inspiration and in turn, it's that nature that plays an intrinsic role in its guiding fundamentals. It all started with a need for something natural and powerful to protect my skin from long days in the backcountry or surfing in the sea. As someone who is sensitive to synthetics and chemical UV ingredients, it only felt natural to find the best products I could be using on my skin and entering back into the water when I wash up at the end of the day. The brand is an extension of my personal values, it's natural, environmentally conscious, gives back through 1% for the planet and is inspired by nature, creativity and people. It's been incredibly fun bringing the juxtaposition that is FORAH to life.

Could you share some insights into the importance of SPF and maintaining healthy skin, especially for individuals leading an active lifestyle like yourself? 
SPF is something everyone should be using every day. It's not just in summer that the UV can have harmful effects on your skin and if you're like me and spend as much time outside as possible the winter can be arguably worse than summer with the reflection from the snow. That being said, summer can be extra harsh on your skin and the best way to take care of yourself is to remember that the broad spectrum SPF rating is only good if you're using the right amount and reapplying as directed. The biggest misconception I see about sunscreen is the amount people are using. You should be using two fingers worth of sunscreen on your face and reapplying every 80 - 120 minutes that you're out in the sunshine or directly after swimming, sweating or surfing.

We'd love to know more about your personal connection to the outdoors and adventure. How has your passion for sports and nature influenced your lifestyle?
My personal connection to the outdoors and adventure continues to grow and evolve as I grow and evolve. I wasn't from a particularly outdoorsy family but through sport and adventure I spent more and more time in the outdoors and it eventually led me to some of the most remote places in the world. This passion for sports and nature has influenced my lifestyle in the way I consume, dispose and use everyday items. It is easy to not care about something you've never seen but once you surf in a plastic-filled ocean or hike 7 hours to the top of a mountain to find people's garbage scattered throughout you can't not care about at least trying to do little things in your life to take care of this beautiful planet we call home.

What are your top 5 travel essentials?
My top 5 travel essentials are a Tangle Teaser Hair Brush, Before Whitening Toothpaste  & Sonicare, DayglowFace Oil Serum, Everyday Mineral Sunscreen and my Camera.

 Tell us about one of your favorite travel destinations. What makes it so special?
I am in love with Mexico. The country is so diverse and the culture is so rich. I could spend so much time exploring that place from Oaxaca to Baja and beyond.

How do you end your day? Are there any other self-care practices that support you in feeling your best?
My favourite way to end a day is taking a hot shower, cooking a yummy meal and listening to music or watching a film until it's time to go to bed.