Whitening Bundle

Whitening Bundle

Toothpaste & Toothbrush

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Introducing our Whitening Bundle - the ultimate combination for a brighter, healthier smile and a cleaner planet. This bundle features Before's best-selling natural Whitening Toothpaste paired with a sustainable bamboo Toothbrush, all tucked into our multi-purpose cotton pouch. Treat yourself or someone special to a brighter smile and a brighter future, while supplies last.



- Safely whiten your teeth without hydrogen peroxide. See real results and brighter pearly whites.

- SuperMint Flavour: Our game-changing minty menthol sensation will blow you away! Long-lasting and ultra-cool. Made from natural mint oil.

- Aloe extract: Soothes your gums and boosts your immune system.

- Plant-based 100% recyclable tube: YES, plants! An industry first! No more fossil fuel-based plastic. 

- Fights against cavities and remineralizes your tooth enamel. 

- Low abrasion: Save your enamel and strengthen the integrity of your teeth. 

- NO hydrogen peroxide, NO artificial flavors, NO SLS, paraben free.

- Cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan.



- 100% Biodegradable. Natural materials.

- Bamboo handle

- Plant-based castor bean bristles

- Recyclable / compostable packaging

- Medium to Soft bristle feel

- Curved grip

- Invigorating brushing feel

- When finished use, place toothbrush in compost (home or industrial)

- BeforeCares™ 1% of sales go to funding environmental initiatives

- Zero plastic products. Zero plastic waste.

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