Self Care With Taylor Godber

Self Care With Taylor Godber

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do! 
Hi, my name is Taylor. I'm a professional backcountry snowboarder, healthy private chef, dog mom, surfer, lover of all adventures.
What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?
Dog cuddles, green juice, coffee, meditation, breathwork with Our Breath Collective online, stretching, and intention setting for the day. And listing off 3 things that I'm grateful for.

How did your love for snowboarding begin, and what does the sport mean to you personally?
I moved to Whistler in 2006 with the intention of staying one year, and got totally hooked by the mountains. I fell in love with the sport, with the community, and being outside connected to nature.
Living in Whistler offers a unique lifestyle. How does the environment there influence your daily routines and overall well-being?
I have a constant draw to seek out adventure and to travel and see the world. Yet, whenever I return home, when I see the expanse of trees and ocean as the plane lands back in the Vancouver, or drive up the Sea-to-Sky with the Tantalus Range and inlets in plain sight, I just can't imagine living anywhere else. There's a special energy to this place. I feel so fortunate to live here, for the abundance of rain (especially after spending long stints in the desert), the easy access to the bliss of being out in the forests, a quick ferry hop to paddle out for a surf off of Vancouver Island, and the endless opportunities for exploration in the mountains. Too blessed to be stressed. The elements shape you here: powerful, graceful, humbling, inspiring.

What are some go-to healthy recipes or cooking tips you rely on, especially to support your performance?
My approach to healthy eating as it relates to performance continues to shift. I was vegetarian for nearly 15 years, but now eat consciously harvested meat. I believe that our bodies are truly brilliant and when we can be aware of what we need intuitively, we can nourish ourselves for success. There can be so many variables at play: time of year, seasonal availability, moon-cycle for women, emotional stressors, a shift from strength to endurance... the list goes on. I try to stay connected to what I need each day, week, month, it's alway changing. But all encompassing, I'm a big fan of Buddha Bowl style meals: roasted veg, raw veg, sauerkraut or a fermented component, seeds and nuts, hemp hearts, an additional protein, and a yummy sauce, like a nutritional yeast dressing.

Supplement wise: vitamin C, D, iron, magnesium, b-complex.
I have a few recipes up here:
I'm a big fan of big batch cooking. For instance, doubling up a soup or stew recipe and freezing the extras. That way I always have healthy food on hand that is easy to prepare. This is especially important for when my winters get busy. 
Go to breakfast in the thick of winter season, chia pudding with blueberries, coconut yogurt, and nut butter. Slower mornings, chia and banana pancakes with maple syrup. In the warmer months, I often skip breakfast and go for my favorite food: green juice.

Winter snack wise, my go to would be dates filled with coconut oil and chocolate chips. Lately, smokey cheddar cheese too. 

As your day winds down, what routines do you rely on to ensure a sense of balance and restoration after an active day?
Being mindful to eliminate screen time has had a tremendous impact on my sleep and overall wellness, I started using the app Opal to set limits on when I can and cannot be on particular apps. A 90 second cold plunge followed by a hot tub or sauna is ideal. A good stretch session. And before bed, a sleep focused tea, a quick journal moment, and 5-10 minutes of reading. For sleep I'm a big subscriber to tapping my mouth, inspired by James Nestor's research for his book Breathe, my Dore and Rose eye mask, and ear plugs.