Self Care with Vivian McCormick

Self Care with Vivian McCormick

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do!  
I'm Vivian McCormick, co-founder and CEO of Wilet, a premium home essentials brand located in Vancouver, Canada that is helping you make room for rest with quality made linen bedding and bath towels. 

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?  
These days, I usually get woken up by my three-year-old instead of an alarm clock, so a quick morning cuddle with him is a must. And coffee, but after I've brushed my teeth with Before! 
Could you delve deeper into the origins of Wilet? What inspired its creation and mission? 
Wilet exists to help you get better rest. Anna, Oana and I started the business at a time when we were all feeling varying degrees of burnout and an assortment of things were keeping us from getting solid rest - work, young kids, and not having the ideal sleeping environment. We believe it doesn't have to be complicated - bedding that keeps your temperature regulated while you sleep is a game changer, and linen is best at doing that. 

Looking ahead, what excites you the most for Wilet and personally in the upcoming year?
We rebranded to Wilet in June 2023, so the back half of last year was just about getting our feet under us again and building up the new brand. This year, I'm excited to continue that work and see some progress in our brand awareness. We also have some exciting new products in the pipeline! Personally, I'm working on simplifying life and applying limits - entrepreneur life is full! 

Apart from your morning routine, what other self-care habits or practices do you find most beneficial for maintaining your well-being? 
A few months ago, I started breaking my social media scrolling habit by reading a book instead of opening Instagram whenever I picked up my phone out of habit. I find it has changed my dependency on my phone and decreased the mindless scrolling I do - way better for my mental well-being generally. 
As the day winds down, how do you typically unwind or conclude your day to ensure a sense of balance? 
I read or spend time catching up with my partner if we've both been on the go all day. Either one gets me ready for sleep and calibrated for the next day.