Self Care With Sarah Wolf

Self Care With Sarah Wolf

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do!
Hey there! I'm Sarah Wolf, the founder of Wolf Ceramics. I started as a solo studio potter, and now I lead a team of six. At Wolf Ceramics, we create functional ceramic wares, from cups and mugs to dinnerware, planters, and vases. While my role has evolved over the years, I'm still deeply involved in the production process, wearing various hats, including management, design, and even human resources.

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals before life happens?
Every morning, I indulge in a hot cup of tea followed by a cup of coffee. Yes, two beverages! I cherish an unhurried hour or so to enjoy my drinks, make breakfast, and spend time with my husband. It's our special moment since he often works evenings, teaching classes.

What initially drew you to ceramics, and how has your journey influenced your current work with Wolf Ceramics?
Growing up with an artist mom and a scientist dad, I explored various arts and crafts. My high school's ceramics studio sparked my love for working with clay. Despite studying geochemistry in college, I found myself drawn back to ceramics during a post-baccalaureate certificate program in Portland. I realized my passion for creating useful, beautiful things. Over time, my aesthetic evolved from black and white to colorful palettes, making our work timeless and versatile.

Do you find parallels between the natural world and your artistic expression in ceramics? How does nature play a role in shaping your creations?
I celebrate the raw, earthy nature of stoneware, leaving parts of our work untouched… like the Before Bathroom Cups! Our glaze designs draw inspiration from the natural world, influenced by my experiences in the mountains and wilderness. The elemental shapes found in nature often serve as the foundation for our designs.

As you navigate a day filled with creativity and business, how do you typically end your day? Are there specific routines or practices that help you wind down?
As I wind down in the studio, cleaning up is a must. Returning home, I take a stroll around our yard, enjoying the company of our chickens, dog, and garden. Finally, I unwind with a good book, usually managing about two pages before hitting the hay. Oh, and of course, I brush my teeth!

Looking ahead, what are some of the goals and aspirations you have for Wolf Ceramics? How do you see your brand evolving in the future?
Wolf Ceramics aspires to be a sustainable lifestyle company. Rather than pursuing rapid growth, our focus is on maintaining a livelihood for our team. While some growth is anticipated, building a robust and happy team is our priority. Over the next 5 to 10 years, we aim to enhance our processes, invest in quality control, and expand our dinnerware production. Collaborating with more restaurants and individuals who seek complete sets for their homes is on the horizon, all while staying true to our core values.