Self Care With Samantha Rayner

Self Care With Samantha Rayner

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do!
My name is Sam Rayner and I am the Co-Founder of Better Basics. We are on a mission to eliminate plastic and toxins in the personal care industry by making refill products with a higher standard on ingredients and packaging. You can find us at or on all major social platforms @betterbasicsco 

What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?
I used to be an avid morning sunrise exerciser, however, now that I have 2 little kids at home my morning routine looks a lot different. The days are busy so I like to take a minute to just be present with my kids before I get out of bed or check my email. I focus on a morning cuddle, making a healthy breakfast that we can enjoy together, and sipping on a really good cup of coffee. Sometimes I squeeze in a good stretch on the yoga mat, but more often than not I spend my morning making lunches, cleaning up food off the floor, doing dishes or laundry, and maybe a few minutes playing with dinos or trucks. 
What inspired you personally to co-found Better Basics? Was there a specific moment or experience that ignited your passion for gentle self-care and sustainability?
My journey to a more natural and sustainable lifestyle started when I discovered the health impact of many common household product ingredients and the fact that only 9% of plastic is actually recycled. Most of the plastic bottles we use every day end up in our landfills, with microplastics now showing up in our food and bodies. After losing my parents to cancer I became focused on how I can improve the wellness of people and the planet. This company is an ode to my parents' legacy, who taught me to give back, live every moment to the fullest, and create a life that has meaning.

We'd love to hear about a product from Better Basics that holds a special place in your heart. What is it, and what makes it stand out to you?
The product that I use the most is our Bliss Wash Hand Soap in rosemary peppermint with our Ever Dispenser in natural. I believe that something as simple as hand soap can offer an element of luxury, in addition to health and sustainability. From the design of our dispenser (in matte powder coated stainless steel that I like to call the Yeti of soap dispensers) to the custom blended essential oil scent and luscious olive oil and coconut oil soap, the whole product experience is very curated to be better for people and the planet. I wanted to tackle a product that we all use everyday, all the time, and make the product design not only about plastic reduction and health, but also about an experience that delights you every time you use it.
What's the most rewarding part of your journey with Better Basics so far?
The most rewarding aspect of our business has been counting how many single-use plastic bottles we have diverted from the landfill by switching to refills. In our first 2 years of business, we diverted 1.2 million pieces of plastic. 

How do you end your day? Are there any other self-care practices that support you in feeling your best?
I gain a lot of joy out of creating healthy and sustainable habits with my family, which to me is centered around spending time in nature, getting some form of movement into my day and eating well balanced meals. I love cooking with farm fresh, local and in-season ingredients. I make simple meals that allow me to really appreciate the flavour of fresh foods. When I have a free moment to spare, I spend it outside. Often at the playground with the kids, or out on some sort of outdoor adventure on Bowen Island, Whistler or in North Vancouver.