Self Care With Atticus

Self Care With Atticus

What part of the world inspires you to write your best poetry and why?
Life has always been the key inspiration for me. The places I go and the people I meet; I love writing about the world I see. 

Walk us through your typical morning routine. What time are you up? Do you read? Exercise? What do you eat? Any odd habits or superstitions?
I typically get up, shower, brush my teeth with Before paste (lol seriously) ;), drink water, and pour a cold brew with almond milk. I try to skip breakfast / intermittent fast till lunch because it keeps my head clear. Then usually I'll walk around the neighborhood with my lady, head up to my office, have a quick meditation, do some breath work or read a few pages of stoicism (I feel stoicism plants my feet firmly for the day).

Who is one person you look up to most, and why?
Paul Newman. He was a movie star, adventurer, car racer, and philanthropist, and loved his wife more than anything else in the world. 

Favorite artist, musician, and author? Why do they resonate with you?
Jack Kerouac. He was a big inspiration for me in getting into writing. He captured my imagination of what it is to be a writer, an artist, and a storyteller. His writing is also beautiful. 

What do you do to combat stress and the never-ending to-do list? Any self-care routines?
This is an imperfect science. I take on way too much and want to do it all. To manage my stress I get out in nature as much as possible. In the afternoons or some days between calls, I'll go jump in the lake by my house, if even for a second. I find it totally resets me. I'll also try to work out or bike once a day. After that, I try to have a Sundowner (whiskey) on the porch and watch the sun go down. 

What are your love languages?
I am physical touch for sure. Also, generosity, if people are generous to me in any form I become forever grateful and loyal to them.

If you could go back in time to any decade, which one would it be and why?
The 40’s or 50’s, I feel like I should have been born in this era. My favorite movies, music, and people lived during this time. The Gatsby 20’s or Hemingway's Paris in the 20’s would have been cool too.

You have ventured into the wine world with Lost Poet Wine, are there any other new products coming?
This year in response to the success of the wine, I launched POET COFFEE, a zero-emission, all-electric, premium coffee brand. All the beans are sourced from women-owned farms. Our goal is to offer the best quality coffee in the world for creators while electrifying the coffee industry one cup at a time! We are so excited about this coffee. There isn’t a better cup! 

Will you ever reveal your identity and remove the mask?
No, I don’t plan to. Originally, I chose to wear a mask to make my writing about the words and less about who I am. Not long ago I lost a friend to the complications of fame and it was a really hard moment for me. For now, I'd rather send love from the shadows. xo