Artistic Insight With Garrett King

Artistic Insight With Garrett King

You've travelled to some spectacular places in the world. Tell us about one of your most memorable trips. What made it so special?
One of the most memorable trips I've had was this excursion to Antarctica a few years ago. It was such a unique experience for several reasons actually. Embarked on an expedition boat for 17 days in the craziest swell I've ever seen. It made for magical moments and rather scary ones all to bring it full circle. I was documenting the entire experience as we ventured from the tip of South America, to the Falklands, down to the South Georgia Islands and all the way back. Saw 6 different species of penguins and every type of seal, bird, you name it. We hiked through mountains, zodiac to wild shores, and saw everything in between. I was away from civilization for so long and truly connected to what was most important. It was right in front of me. Be present, be patient. Soak it all in. Unreal time out there. Understanding how vast the world is, how precious time is, and how small we really are, made that trip one for the books. It was a constant reminder of how much the ocean actually covers the earth and how much we aren't in control to an extent. You go with the flow and navigate the best you can. Just as the ocean has it's flow, so do we. Embrace it. 

What's your morning routine look like? Any habits that you stick with? Particular foods, exercise, mediation?
My morning consists of slowness as much as I can allow it to. First hour is no phone, quiet walk and time with my dog outside. I typically have a morning read for at least 30 mins, stretch, podcast, then get the day started. The ease in the morning is so key for me to reset my mind. I don't look at emails or my phone notifications for the first hour or so from waking up. Those aren't going anywhere so it's important for me to get my quality stillness in the morning before it gets hectic and busy. Coffee is a must though. I enjoy that the most. I typically eat a lean breakfast with a combination of eggs and spinach with a jar of overnight protein oats. Hit the gym after and get the pump going. Then the rest of the day consists of meetings, calls, shoots, editing, etc. 

Your top 5 travel tips for photographers?
- 1 -
Do everything in moderation. Overdoing and pushing yourself too much can burn you out. Know your limits.
- 2 -
Remember what story you're wanting to tell in your work wherever you are, whatever you're doing, have that in mind. Keeps you structured and centered.
- 3 -
Know healthy snacks and food to consume. Keeping your gut in check will absolutely keep the rest of you in check. Health is wealth. Be mindful.
- 4 -
Don't just see the big moments. Open your eyes to the small ones, the in between ones, and understand the value that provides. Mind the gap and your work will progress in so many ways.
- 5 -
Keep your gear organized. Chargers, cords, batteries, caps, all of it. I have all mine labeled with my custom stickers. Makes it way easier when you're traveling with people or someone who shoots with similar gear. 

What's your idea of the perfect lazy weekend in the O.C.?
Lazy weekend for me: working out at the gym, movies on the couch with my dog. Maybe catch a round of golf or pickleball. I love being active so even in my downtime I crave that. Sleeping is also underrated so I'd have a killer nap too. College football, snacks and couch time. 

You've photographed many majestic animals like elephants and leopards. Can you tell us what it's like to interact with them and get that close up?
I've gotten to photograph tons of animals in my career so far and it's all been unique experiences. On safaris you're super far away most of the time so you're a bit out of the intimacy aspect, but still very cool to say the least. Sometimes you get lucky and experience something close in a safe manner of course. I got to photograph the penguins in Antarctica super close because they walk right up to you like 5 inches from your feet and just stare at you. It's amazing actually. Such curious animals with funny swagger. That to me is unlike any other time I've had. To see such a special animal so close to you. Pretty wild to be present to. Perspective is big. Lenses help and how you envision what an image could like. You create with the cards you're dealt and let the audience have their imagination.