Active Living With Devun Walsh

Active Living With Devun Walsh

Devun Walsh's career in snowboarding spans beyond 25 years and is still going strong. Known to have one of the most iconic styles in the game, Devun's ability to navigate down a mountain with his 'smooth operator' finesse has inspired snowboarders of all ages around the globe. He also rode for some of the most notable brands in the industry, notably Shorty's, Forum, DC Shoes and now Wired.

What has been your biggest personal accomplishment in snowboarding?
I’d have to say the longevity of my career. I started to train in my mid 20’s when not alot of others weren’t doing that. Having a personal trainer really motivated me to stay strong and that was the only reason I had such a long successful career. . 

Favourite board graphic, why, and who designed it.
I’d have to say my college graphic series on forum designed by Kenta Goto was probably my best line. But my most controversial graphic was my first dc board with the sheep jumping the fence to greener pastures after my boss Evan at forum told me before I quit “there is no greener pasture out there for you Devun!” Well he was wrong and f#@k was he pissed at that graphic. I loved it. Lol 

Who is one person you look up to most, and why?
I’d probably say Sean Kearns. Dude is so motivating and he really helped me probably the most with my snowboard career. He doesn’t let anything hold him back and he has a wicked philosophy on life. 

Favorite artist, musician, and author? Why do they resonate with you?
I really love my good friend Kenta Goto as an artist. He’s got such a wicked eye for design, No matter what he’s working on he always comes up with cutting edge shit. Musically I love our local boy kyprios. Very very talented rapper from north Vancouver. Author, shit unfortunately I don’t read much but when I do I really prefer biographies on people. 

What do you do to combat stress and the never-ending to-do list? Any self-care routines?
Golf, I self medicate through golf. It’s my time away. 

Throughout your career as a pro snowboarder, what have been some of the most positive changes you've seen or experienced in the industry?
Going from outcasts in the ski industry to being accepted almost everywhere and helping influence ski shapes to make ski much easier and actually fun. Oh did I say that! 

What's your favourite golf course to travel to and why? What about that particular course do you enjoy?
I absolutely love to travel to Bandon dunes on the Oregon coast. Pure golf that’s it! No distractions and 5 full length courses to choose from it’s an incredible place to go. 

What has been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career and how did you overcome it?
It would have to injuries and learning how not yo worry about it happening again. I’m not entirely sure but you have to bury those before you film again otherwise they’ll absolutely haunt you. Confidence is key and I think you get that by shredding really hard every time you ride. Always pushing. 

Your favourite movie part you ever filmed?
That by Forum Snowboards. For sure. This is by far my best part. Couple jumps in there are still enormous. It’s actually kinda screwed up how big they were. Pretty cool to have been a of that. 

Where do you see the sport of snowboarding in 10 years?    
This is extremely tough. People are pushing so hard it’s insane. The level is already at a calibre I can’t even comprehend! 

Walk us through your typical morning routine. What time are you up? Do you read? Exercise? What do you eat? Any odd habits or superstitions?
Currently I’m working construction kinda as a hobby job. Trying to learn a few things before I move on. I’m up at 6 am, breakfast, coffee( key component) , walk the dog, then home to make breakfast and lunches for my daughters before heading to work at 830. And workouts are fine in evening sprinkled with hockey games from time to time.