Self_Other: A Culture Publication by Before

Self_Other: A Culture Publication by Before


Take care of yourself. We are big believers in it. Today's world is fast-paced and unpredictable. It's never been more important to ensure we create time for ourselves. We give our best when we feel our best.

It's with this mantra that we launch the premier edition of Self_Other, a large format printed tabloid magazine celebrating the people, places and stories that inspire us all to be our best and do our best.

This inaugural issue is packed with six enlightening interviews from a diverse range of well-known talented individuals who seize every day to the fullest in their personal and professional lives. We also chat with Garrett King, aka @shortstache, a world-class travel photographer who shares some amazing tips for how to pack your camera bag and prepare for a big trip behind the lens. And to top it all off, we walk you through the Amalfi Coast with a few tips of where to eat, stay and chill.

Follow along on our instagram @BeforeCompany as we showcase each story, photo and journey!