Self Care With Zoë Pawlak

Self Care With Zoë Pawlak

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do!
Hi there, my name is Zoë Pawlak and I’m an artist, rug designer and industrial designer.
What are your non-negotiable morning rituals Before Life Happens?
Each day, I wake up and swing my legs off the bed and put my feet on the ground. Before I stand up, I say what I am thankful for. I then walk to the coffee situation which is a bodum and then I journal for about half an hour. I plan my day in my journal and add stuff to my i-cal and then usually get ready for some sort of workout. 

Can you share the story of how you first discovered your passion for art and industrial design and what inspired you to pursue these fields as a career?
When I turned 14, I went to live with my uncle in Santiago, Chile, who was married to a Chilean woman who was an artist. This exposed me to this as a possibility. We also visited the two houses of Pablo Neruda which were both formative experiences. I returned to BC to attend grades 10-12 at and art school, LFAS in Langley and then attended four years of post secondary that straddled four institutions. These experiences took me from Europe to Montreal, Halifax and to an exchange in Mexico. I was fortunate to study with great teachers and receive traditional and contemporary training. 
Vancouver seems to be an integral part of your identity as an artist. How has the city and its community influenced your creative journey and the themes you explore in your work? 
Being a member of various communities is very important to me. I believe we should contribute to the places we are a part of. For me, this means not only being an active member in the arts, but being a part of a sober community, supporting big, local fundraisers and supporting creative entrepreneurs. I've been especially passionate over the years in speaking about this topic because I believe that being able to make a real living at this, is incredibly important and under-talked-about.

What other self-care practices do you have that support you in feeling your best?
I love running and yoga. I’m involved in a recovery community, so I spend time on that and helping others struggling with addiction. I love riding my bike to work and catching up with friends on the phone. Calling people really helps me process things and make better decisions on the hard stuff.
As a local entrepreneurial leader and community advocate, could you tell us more about your involvement in the community and how you believe art can contribute to creating a sense of belonging?
While I'm not directly involved, I think that Mural Fest and Art Rapture both have done an excellent job at bringing artists and collectors and enthusiasts together. The combination of quality art and a stellar line up of social, dynamic programming, are incredible. I think that THRIVE does a great job at giving female artists a place to convene and learn. This support is rare and essential. I am currently in the process of growing the presence of the Female Design Council here on the West Coast in hopes of supporting the great work of Lora Appleton. I look forward to sharing more on that soon!

How do you end your day?
I usually meditate and then hang out on my phone with a tea and then say goodnight to my teens and say my prayers before bed.

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